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Video by Kirsten Harvey 

Presented by FOUR-D as part of the Triple Take Residency and Exhibition.


"During my time at the Historic Lexington House, I sought to answer these two questions: “Is it possible to perform for an audience of oneself?” and, alternatively, “Can a house or space serve as an audience?”. Utilizing costume, makeup, and various props, I created images and tableaus within which I recorded myself “playing pretend”. I soon became curious about exploring identity and crisis through this play." 

See full work here:

2021 Prattsville Art Center + Lexington House, Prattsville NY 


Written and Performed by

Eleanor Parker Robb & Kirsten Harvey 

Directed by Kedian Keohan

Lighting Design by Megan Lang

Sound design by Keenan Hurley

In the not-so-distant future, twin astronauts prepare for a mission to Venus. In a government program with regimented tests and medication, they begin to wonder what the true nature of their mission is.

Performance History

2020 Exponential Festival

Brooklyn, NY

2019 Dixon Place New York, NY


Created and Performed by

Kirsten Harvey 

Directed by Kedian Keohan

Featuring Ian Edlund 


Utilizing indulgence and drama, this piece seeks to reconcile the confusing nature of moral duality while challenging the audience to reframe absolutes. Settings include: a Home on the Range, a Castle in 16th Century England, and a Fire Island Beach Cabin.  


Performance History

2019 No Theme Festival @ Trans-Pecos Queens, NY

2019 The Woods Co-op Queens, NY 

2019 Camp Residency Osceola, WI 


Created and Performed by

Kirsten Harvey 


“It has nothing to do with Satan mama! Its Me, Mama, ME!” CARRIE (1976) meets CARRIE UNDERWOOD, to form a dangerously empowered “Carrie” hybrid. This non-linear theatrical performance of a denial disruption hyper fantastic arena concert investigates narrative authority, trauma, authorship, and notions of otherness. "Do we lay complicit, silent, accepting and dissatisfied?” We definitely do not. This. will. be. satisfying.

Performance History 

2018 No Theme @ The Cocoon Theater Poughkeepsie, NY

2018 Mister Rogers Brooklyn, NY

2017 FEST Annandale on Hudson, NY


Created and Performed by

Anna Sinreich & Kirsten Harvey

With Brandt Rohde, Charlie Mai, Pranav Singhania, Amanda Houser, and Sofia France.

A fetishization and reimagining of the 1978 American movie-musical Grease. This play examines gender constraints and the characterization of 'the Diva' as a tool with which to inhibit, control, and silence women. 

Performance History 

2017 Fisher Center for the Performing Arts at Bard College Annandale-on-Hudson, NY


Created and Performed by

Kendall Allen, Rebecca Capper & Kirsten Harvey 


In the basement of a suburb in Berlin, three individuals form an exclusive and isolated cult. This piece explores hive mentality and the worlds we create when confined to a small underground space for an extensive length of time. 


Performance History 

2015 The Factory @ Bard Berlin

Berlin, Germany 

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